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Synergy Power Trans is among premium stepup transformer exporters in India. Step up transformers are the devices manufactured for increasing or step up the voltage depending on ratio of the number of turns in primary coil and secondary coil. Generally the cost of a transformer is high and stepup transformer manufacturers provide its essential equipments at competitive prices. The manufacturing experts design step up transformers in such a way that these devices increase the voltage of the output voltage at specific price. It means these devices are not the producer of power or voltage, but regulate it. If the voltage increases, it decreases current.

Do you know? There are mainly transformer maintenance actions that have to be performed in 3-4 years interval. We will discuss them here-

Monthly basis

  • Checking the oil level in oil cap
  • Checking the breathing holes
  • Checking the oil level of bushing

Regular checkups

  • Reading magnetic oil gage of main tank and conservator tank
  • Leakage of oil from any part of the transformer
  • Color of silica gel in breather

Yearly maintenance

  • The auto, manual, and remote function of cooling system i.e. air fans, oil pumps, and other items applied to cooling system of transformer. In the case of trouble, physical condition of pumps and fans and control circuit should be checked
  • You need to clean all the bushings of the transformer with soft cotton cloth yearly. Make sure you notice the cracks (if any) found on bushing while cleaning.
  • Check the oil condition every year. Take the oil sample from drain valve of the diverter tank and check for moisture content and other impurities responsible for contamination of transformer oil.
  • Mechanical inspection should be performed every year
  • All marshalling boxes should be cleaned from inside at least once a year.
  • Resistive value of earth connection and rizer should be measured with clamp on earth resistance meter every year.
  • Insulation resistance and polarization index of transformer need to be checked with specialized tool.
  • Dissolve gas analysis of transformer oil should be done annually.

You need to check transformer oil every six months for dielectric strength, acidity, water content, flash point, DDA, resistivity of transformer oil, and sludge content.

Synergy Power Trans brings stepup transformer India as its efficient product. The manufacturers are producing these transformers with extreme precision and premium quality material to provide durable, result driven and high end transformers for industrial clients.

For major assortment in distinct sizes, models, and phases, you can write to Synergy experts today and get a free quote for industrial transformer.

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