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Rectified Duty Transformer Manufacturers, Exporters India

Transformers are commonly used by industries today. While most manufacturers and suppliers are busy in delivering industrial transformers to worldwide clients, a few of them are also supplying rectified duty transformers. This kind of transformer is used for electrolysis and metallurgical processes. The chemical factories or the companies dealing with chemical processes can use rectifier duty transformers as such processes need electrical power to perform proper precession techniques. This transformer provides more features that can amaze users.

Suppliers Bring Two Designs For Rectifier Duty Transformers

  1. Air cooled design
  2. Oil cooled design

Rectifier transformers are ideal solutions for 6 or 12 pulse operation with options of primary and secondary winding connections, with or without inter phase transformer. This transformer includes diodes or thyristors in the same tank. The processes that are done with this transformer include DC traction, smelting operation, electrolysis, large variable speed drive trains, etc.

This transformer may have a built-in or a separate voltage regulation unit. As many applications rely on this transformer, manufacturers intend rectifier transformers in double stack configuration, interphase reactors, phase-shifting, filter-winding, and transductors.

Major Specification Data

  • Rated frequency, voltage, and power
  • Number of steps and regulation range
  • Shift angle, impedance and vector group
  • Bridge or interphase connection
  • Cooling and temperature type of the cooling medium
  • Pulses numbers of the transformer and system
  • Regulation range and number of steps
  • Harmonics spectrum or control angle of the rectifier
  • Secondary bushing arrangement

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Synergy Transformers is a reputed company that delivers high-performing and efficient transformers range. They supply comprehensive transformer range to industries all over the world. Engineers and technical team intend these industrial transformers using advanced technology that is easily accepted by global transformers manufacturers. All the transformers, including rectified duty transformers, are certified by reputed standard for quality purpose.

You can get in touch with our experts and source reliable, user-friendly transformers for your premises. Contact them at (email) and share your requirements in detail. They will work on shared details and deliver the best suitable design that meets your requirements and desires.

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