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Low Loss Transformers Manufacturers India

Low loss transformers manufacturers intend the design with expertise to produce energy saving transformers for general public and companies. They use copper wire that helps in saving electricity. They also intend the design of low loss transformers that uses coolants that keep them protected against heat and so, this promotes low loss of electricity.

A low loss design is suitable to expand or lower current and voltage levels without making any change to recurrence. Major benefits of this design are as follows-

  • Replace aging or obsolete equipment
  • Address environmental responsibilities
  • Drive down energy spend all over the site or group of sites

These transformers are interchangeable with most available transformer installations. There is no requirement of additional voltage optimization installation as a second stage. Manufacturers intended these transformers to tap up or down to optimize voltage requirements for individual sites.

Low loss power transformer has similar components like oil type transformer. The design has primary and secondary windings that are wrapped around the iron core/ copper core to convert high voltage to operating voltage level. Manufacturing company Synergy uses premium grade materials to lower energy losses both in the windings and iron core.

Features You Can Avail By Sourcing Efficient Low Loss Transformers From Synergy

  1. 1. Significant energy saving
  2. 2. Guaranteed loss savings
  3. 3. Reduced downtime for installation
  4. 4. Over 50% reduced electrical losses

When you plan to install efficient distribution transformer instead of standard unit, you initially step forward to success. Low loss and super low loss designs combine technologically advanced core material with low loss conductors that offer lower electrical losses, carbon footprint, and energy saving.

Synergy professionals are continuously putting efforts to combine latest technology with production process. You can explore their entire range of transformers that are intended with latest technology and standards. Engineers working in Synergy are designing transformers to meet international standards of the market. All of these products are being sourced by industries and businesses across the world.

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