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Power electricity is the most significant form of energy that determines the social and economical prosperity of societies. Being a leading electrical transformer supplying company and vendor, Synergy brings energy efficient transformers for the industries.

All our transformers are specifically designed to meet standards and requirements of the industrial applications so that they can be applied for economy, and distribution of power. These transformers are designed for saving energy.

In the past few years, many changes have been made into energy efficiency standards for transformers manufactured by distinct foundries across the world. Even governments have started influencing general public to try energy efficient products, including dry type transformers, to lower the emissions of carbon dioxide.

Transformers play indispensable role in power industry. They are second large loss making equipment after transmission lines in electricity networks. High efficiency transformers develop economic benefits and emit low greenhouse gas. It also enhances reliability and service life of the devices.

Manufacturers today are receiving immense demand for distribution transformers constantly due to increasing population and migration of people from rural to urban cities. And due to less emission of green house gas with less energy loss, energy efficient transformers are getting more followers in the market. Energy efficient transformers are special and critical for industries.

We ensure our electrical products reach our clients at minimum purchase and ownership cost, that means minimum life time running cost. We acquire this by-

  • Low loss efficient designing of the device transformer
  • Optimum efficiency and speed in production process
  • Having proper manufacturing facilities in-house
  • Best delivery performance and price
  • Highly efficient management systems and standards.

Engineers working in the foundry enhance efficiency of the transformer by working on its windings and core. Usually the design of a transformer is complex one and there are certain areas that need to be optimized by design engineer.

  • Short circuit impedance
  • Leakage field
  • Noise
  • In rush current
  • Stresses and dynamic behavior under short circuits
  • Insulation
  • Transformer DC Bias
  • Cooling
  • Monitoring and diagnostics
  • Weight and cost minimization

"Energy Efficient Transformers" are the need of the day. Synergy manufacturers understand this fact and thus, they are intending sophisticated models with advanced technology and excellent skills.

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