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Dry Type Transformers Manufacturers & Exporters India

Synergy, premium Dry Type Transformers Manufacturers bring a complete range of transformers for industrial clients across the world. These transformers are intended with sophisticated tools and latest technology by experienced engineers. The team of experts has brought maintenance-free transformers to offer reliable trouble free service to the customers. These transformers are different from oil or liquid filled types. Dry types units use only high temperature insulation systems which are safer, CSA, and UL recognized.

Our dry type range of transformers offers secure and reliable power source that doesn’t need fire resistant vaults, catch basins, or the venting of toxic gases. These products are instead mature one and technology based and the core and coils are not immersed in any insulating oil or liquid.

Leader of Dry Type Transformer Manufacturer Since 2004

If you are looking for installation of a transformer in high rise building, hospital, school, steel factories, chemical plants and other locations where fire safety is at priority, then fire resistant or cast resin transformers are well suited products. These transformers are voltage changing or insulation device that requires air and not the liquid based coolant. Our engineers design these transformers in such a way that these all meet standards and specifications shared by customers. The case of transformer is ventilated to let air to flow and cool the coils.

These ventilated Dry Type Transformers are enclosed for indoor installations and are completely maintenance free and fire resistant as the material used to prepare them is metal, ceramic, and resin. These products supplied by Synergy experts are environmental friendly as there is no oil and so, handling and operations become easier. There is no risk of spillage and leakage and last nontoxic smoke is released in case of fire.

Synergy transformers meet strict parameters with respect to electrical system demands and functioning in locations having extreme weather conditions.

Major features of Dry Type Transformers Supplied by Synergy Manufacturers are:

  • Moisture proof
  • Impulse strength
  • Short circuit strength
  • Free of partial discharge
  • No maintenance needed
  • Space saving
  • Eco friendly
  • No leakage
  • Cost saving
  • Immediate switch on

Though Synergy experts ensure that every delivery made by them is quality approved, but they also recommend users to protect their transformers from certain things like stresses, faults in transformer oil, overloading, internal faults in dry type transformers, etc.

Count on Synergy Dry Type Transformer Manufacturers to source variety of power transformers, industrial transformers, stepup and step down transformers, energy efficient transformers, low loss transformers, and distribution transformers. These manufacturers have comprehensive range to offer at global level. You can also grab major deals and special discounts and after sale services while sourcing the best transformers from them.

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