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"Distribution Transformer" or service transformer is a device that offers the final voltage transformation in the electric power distribution system, stepping down the voltage that is used in the lines of distribution to the level used by the consumer. Synergy distribution transformer manufacturers bring the most precision transformers for rest of the world.

The innovation of a practical transformer made AC power distribution possible using a device which was initially demo in 1882. With time, many variations have been introduced in the model and today, Synergy engineers craft and intend each transformer design with latest technology and tools.

A General Distribution Transformer has ratings less than 200 kVA. These transformers are energized for 24 hours a day even if they are not carrying any load, lowering iron losses has a significant role in their design. Engineers of Synergy intend these transformers to avail maximum efficiency at lower loads. Means, if you want to have a better efficiency, you need to keep the voltage regulation at minimum.

When the Step Down Transformers are used as electric power distributing device, it is known as distribution transformer. You can avail various types of transformers under distribution systems category;

  • Single phase transformer
  • Three phase transformer
  • Pole mounted transformer
  • Underground transformer
  • Pad mounted transformer

These are usually small in size and have insulating oil. You can get them in various sizes and efficiencies from Synergy professionals. It is all depends on your budget and the purpose to select the transformer.

More Facts about Distribution Transformer:

A distribution transformer has usually two types of losses:
  • Iron losses
  • Copper losses

Iron loss is a core loss that consists of eddy current loss and hysteresis loss. These two losses are constant when your transformer is charged.

Copper loss (I²R) entirely depends on the load I. You cannot run a distribution transformer with constant load throughout a day.

Being among proficient distribution transformer manufacturers, Synergy has widest range of transformers that you can easily install with the assistance of our experts. Just write to us and share your requirements and we will provide you free quote as soon as possible. You can trust on Synergy professionals as they are highly experienced and qualified engineers who know how to intend a high performing cost effective transformer for industrial use.

Technical Specifications
Applicable Standards IS 2026, ANSI, IEEE, IEC 76
Duty Type Indoor / Outdoor, Ground or Pole Mounted
Insulating Fluid Mineral Oil PCB Free, both inhibited as well as uninhibited, according to IS/IEC or customer’s requirement
Frequency 50/60 Hz
No of Phases 1 or 3 Phase
Tap Changer On Load or Off Circuit
Vector Group Dyn 1, Dyn 5, Dyn 11, or Other Specific
Voltage Class 3.3 KV, 6.6 KV, 11 KV, 22 KV, 33 KV or Other Specific
Insulating Fluid PCB Free Mineral Oil, both inhibited & uninhibited,
as per IS/IEC and customer requriement
Class of Insulation Class A
Tap Changer Off Circuit or On Load
Tapping Range ±7.5% in 7 Step or ±5% in 5 Step with 2.5% Step Volts.
Winding Material Aluminium or Copper with multi paper covering
Applicable Standards IS 2026, IEC 76, ANSI, IEEE
Painting Epoxy, Polyurethane or customer specific
Standard Fittings
  • Air Release Hole Together With Plug
  • Bi-Directional Rollers
  • Cooling Radiators
  • Diagram and Rating Plate
  • Drain-cum-Bottom Filter Valve
  • Earthing Terminals
  • Explosion Vent Together With Diaphragm
  • Lifting Lugs
  • LV Sided Cable Box With Copper Bus Bar Appropriate for Cable
  • Oil Conservator Together With Drain Plug
  • Oil Level Indicators
  • Silica Gel Breathers
  • Thermometer Pocket
  • LV Side Cable Box & Copper Bus Bar Suitable for Cable
Protective Devices
  • Buchholz Relay Together With Alarm as well as Trip Contact Equal to 500 KVA
  • Magnetic Oil Level Measure Together With Alarm Contact
  • Marshalling Box for House W.T.C. and O.T.I.
  • Oil Temperature Indicators Together With Trip Contact and Alarm
  • Winding Temperature Indicators Together With Trip Contact and Alarm
Optional Accessories On Request
  • Annunciation Window
  • Jacking Pads
  • Neutral C.T.
  • Pressure Release Valves
  • Shut - off Valves
Distribution Transformers are the transformers which provide the ultimate voltage transformation within Electronic Power Distribution Systems, stepping down of voltage used within distribution lines towards the levels used by customer.
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