Step Down Transformers Manufacturers India

Step Down Transformers Manufacturers India


Synergy tops among step down transformers manufacturers list. They supply and export step down transformers across India.

Transformers are voltage changing devices that regulate power supply to meet the individual needs of the consumers. Step down transformers manufacturers use the principle of electromagnetic induction to change the voltage from one value to another. There are two coils used inside the transformers. The coil to which alternating current is supplied is called primary winding or primary coil. This current is in turn produced by the changing field in the secondary coil and the amount of current generated relies on the windings number in the secondary coil.

Step Down Transformers Manufacturers, Exporters India

Our step down transformers offer you the ability to reduce the supply voltage to a level that is ideal for connected application. When voltage issues arise it can simply fix your voltage conflict issues without any need of assistance of an electrician. Our high quality step down transformers contain hard wire and are durable with a heavy duty chord. You can use them continuously over a period of time. These transformers reduce the voltage to the fit the next level of required use.

Step down transformer exporters and manufacturers intend the design with primary winding of higher number of turns as compared to secondary winding. Synergy transformers are relatively simple in design and have the accurate ratio of windings in each circuit to provide apt current and voltage. You need to consider application, budget and other factors prior installation of a particular transformer. You must know both incoming and outgoing voltages prior to selecting any step down transformer model.

All the transformers manufactured at Synergy unit are produced with consideration of industry standards and ISI specifications to ensure our clients on the quality of our product. We are equipped with testing tools and R and D unit and testing facilities that support us in delivering products as per the specifications of the client.

You can rely on Synergy experts for many reasons-

Synergy transformers are offering efficient performance to the users. We have a dedicated staff that designs most reliable range of transformers at industry leading price. Features you can avail from our transformers –

  • Shock absorbent
  • Voltage optimizers
  • High energy saver
  • cost effective
  • Withstanding high temperature and heat
  • Low maintenance costs

These are widely accepted transformers across the world. Moreover, Synergy experts provides cost effective transformer products that is appreciated by the consumers. If you want one for your site, you can directly send your requirements to Synergy step down transformers exporters and avail quote.

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