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A List Of Routine Tests That Power Transformer Manufacturers Perform


There are many testing methods implied by power transformer manufacturers to maintain good health of their transformer equipments. We will discuss them in brief so that you can learn the basic things about these methods and use them to test your transformer device installed at the inside or outside of the room.

Magnetic Balance Test

Magnetic balance test of transformer is only meant for three phase transformers. With this method, you can check the imbalance in magnetic circuit.

You need two instruments- multi meter and mill ammeter.

How to do it?

First you need to keep the tap changer of transformer in normal position. After this, you need to switch off the transformer and disconnect the neutral from ground. Then you need to apply single phase 230V AC supply throughout the HV winding terminals and neutral terminal.

You need to repeat this test for each of the three phases.

High voltage tests on high volt and low volt winding

This test is performed to check the insulation property between Primary to earth, secondary to earth and between primary and secondary.

You will need a high voltage tester (100KV and 3KV) to perform this test.

Di electrical test

This testing method is used to check the ability of main insulation to earth and between winding. It is also used to check the insulation property between Primary to earth, secondary to earth, and between primary and secondary.

You will require two instruments- 3 phase variable voltage and frequency source and auto transformer.

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